May 18, 2024

Hugh Jackman takes slurping lessons

TAP | Updated: June 1, 2017

Los Angeles, June 01: Hugh Jackman has shared a feel-good video on Twitter where the actor can be seen saying he needs to take a lesson to perfect the art of slurping.
The 48-year-old Hollywood star posted a 50-second-long video, where he is being taught the secret to slurp well by chef Ivan Orkin, who is famous for his ramen noodle restaurant, Ivan Ramen.
“I am going to get a lesson in how to slurp properly,” said Jackman in the clip.
Then, chef Orkin instructed the “Logan” actor to eat the soupy noodles in a way such that he is able to “free them from the pile”.
He told Jackman, “Take less than what you need because sometimes people take piles of noodles.”
The actor followed the advise to a T and gobbled the noodles with loud slurps, which was followed by Orkin congratulating him on his success.
Towards the end, Jackman patted the chef on his back and said, “Hmm... This is sooo good. Thank you, man.” PTI