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Happy that I’ll celebrate birthday with Phogat family: Aamir Khan

TAP | Updated: March 14, 2017

Mumbai, Mar 14: Superstar Aamir Khan, who turned 52 today, has invited the Phogat family to participate in the birthday celebrations. Aamir’s blockbuster “Dangal” that opened in December last year was based on the life of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and the journey of his daughters Geeta and Babita Phogat.
The actor, who addressed the media today on the occasion, said there are no grand plans for his birthday but spending time with family is on cards. And they would be joined in by the Phogat family.
“I haven’t got any gifts from the family. I am still waiting for them to give me something. I will be with my family like every year but this time my family has become bigger. I am very happy the Phogat family will celebrate with us.” 
“Ammi hasn’t gifted me anything but she has made seekh kebabs for me, like she does on every birthday. That’s her gift.” The actor said he woke up to several birthday wishes in the morning but didn’t do anything special.
“I didn’t do anything at 12 AM. I was sleeping. I was reading a book and then slept off. I woke up in the morning to multiple texts and calls wishing me.” Over the years, Aamir has chosen films where the characters have required him to undergo strong physical transformations.
The actor said his intention is always to be true to the character. “As an actor it is my responsibility to get into the character and do justice. Sometimes you have to bring out the physical changes. Whenever required, I’ve done it and will do in the future too. It can affect my health, but I am not thinking about it now.” PTI