March 5, 2024

Triple talaq inhumane, should be immediately abolished: Shabana Azmi

TAP | Updated: May 21, 2017

Ludhiana, May 21: Asserting that there are no two questions about abolishment of triple talaq, veteran film and theatre actor Shabana Azmi Saturday said that it is inhumane and violates the basic rights of Muslim women. “There are no two questions about abolishment of triple talaq. It is completely inhumane. It violates basic rights of every Muslim women. Even the Quran does not permit triple talaq anywhere. The government should abolish it immediately and protect rights of Muslim women,” said Azmi who is in Ludhiana for the shooting of an unnamed film.
“A woman is never incomplete if she is not a mother. I am the perfect living example of one such woman who never gave birth to any child. But I am complete and satisfied with my life. Even my husband Javed Akhtar never considered me incomplete just because we never had our own child,” Azmi added.
She said that feminism is not about giving more rights to a woman but about giving equal rights to a man and woman, “Once I was ironing the kurta of my husband and a woman said I should not call myself feminist. I wonder what ironing of my husband’s kurta has to do with feminism. Even he presses my feet when I am tired. It is because we have decided to give each other equal rights and mutual respect. It is about treating each other on same platform.”
Azmi said that in India women go through ‘verbal rape’ after actual rape which discourages them to report such incidents. “Verbal rape that happens at police stations and courts is what women still goes through. Not only police but from her only family who question her clothes and timing of going out. The kind of questions she is asked after rape are torturous and discourages woman from speaking out,” she said.
Azmi also said that still in India children from beginning are taught in textbooks that place of a woman is in kitchen and that of father in office. “This has to change. Rather we can teach children that both mother/father can be at kitchen/office both,” she said. PTI