June 23, 2024

Kamal Haasan names sexual assault victim’s name, receives flak

TAP | Updated: July 14, 2017

New Delhi, Jul 14: Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan has kicked up a furore by naming the Malayalam actress who was allegedly abducted and sexual assaulted in Kerala.
While speaking to the media about the incident, Haasan identified her, and when it was pointed out that he shouldn’t have named the actress, he said he had not done anything wrong.
The actor held a press conference here on Wednesday to talk about the threat against him by a Hindu fringe group for hosting ‘Bigg Boss’ where he discussed a number of issues, including the safety of women.
He was asked about women’s safety in the film industry in the light of the incident in Kerala where actor Dileep has been arrested for conspiring with the prime accused in the assault and abduction of the actress.
Haasan said not just the safety of actresses but that of all women was important to him. “It’s not about actresses alone. We’re not supporting her (he named the actress) because she’s an actress,” he said.
When pointed out that he should not have named the actress, as the law prohibits identifying victims of sexual assault. Haasan said that certain sections in the media had already done so.
“It doesn’t matter if I have used the name. You have put out her name everywhere. Do not hide the name as there is nothing wrong with it. If you want to call her Draupadi, call her Draupadi. Don’t call her ‘a female’,” he said.
To name minor victims and victims of sexual assault or printing or using their name which makes their identity known is prohibited by the law.