May 18, 2024

Warren Beatty recalls ‘chaos’ of Oscars Best Picture goof-up

TAP | Updated: April 16, 2017

Los Angeles, Apr 16 : Actor Warren Beatty once again shared what it was like on stage when his co-presenter Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced “La La Land” as the best picture instead of “Moonlight” at the 89th Academy Awards this year.
The 80-year-old veteran star was on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, where its host called the incident “the TV moment of if not the year, the decade,” which Beatty quipped, “Not the century?” reported Deadline.
Recalling the moment, Beatty said, “I thought well, maybe this is a misprint. And then, I shouldn’t foul up the show just because someone made a little error.” 
Norton then intervened, saying it appeared as if Beatty deliberately handed over the card to Dunaway so that he would not be responsible for the gaffe, which Beatty denounced.
“No, no. My instructions were take the envelope when I walked out. I couldn’t have it before that. And then I go out, and then I say something, and then I open the envelope and then I give it to Faye and she then says what it says,” the actor said.
After a long conversation over the embarrassing goof-up, Beatty called the whole incident a “chaos”. PTI