June 23, 2024

BJP terms Budget as ‘pragmatic’

TAP | Updated: March 15, 2017

ITANAGAR, Mar 15: Terming the recently concluded budget a pragmatic, pro-poor, developmental oriented comprehensive one with many new innovative initiatives, the state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by its president Tapir Gao has congratulated chief minister Pema Khandu and deputy chief minister Chowna Mein for presenting the same.

While appreciating the deliberations made on the last day of budget session, Gao praised the ‘New Arunachal’ concept of ‘Team Arunachal’ under the leadership of chief minister Khandu and expressed that the paradigm shift in the budget approach by ‘Team Arunachal’ will indeed bring in a new Arunachal by unlocking the latent potential of State and by implementing all reformative and innovative initiatives enunciated in the budget.

“Many of the reforms in policy and governance as proposed in the budget in areas of land management, fiscal management, decentralization and devolution power, communication and transport etc will bring tangible improvement in the developmental pace and greatly enhance the productivity of the state,” said Gao in his statement. 

Further while terming the focus on youth, tourism, agriculture and horticulture sector as marked departure from earlier budgets, Gao opined that this will generate employment for hundreds of youth both in service and agric/horti sector.

“This will also harness the entrepreneurship skills and spirit of the youth in a big way. This is indeed the need of the hour as hundreds of youth are languishing without gainful employment,” added the BJP president.

On the revenue source issue, Gao opined that the intention of the chief minister is to focus and streamline the revenue departments is the right approach. He hoped that this will enhance the internal resource generation of state and enable flexibility in developmental planning.

Gao further also lauded Khandu and his team for their approach on the application of digital technology in governance for checking corruption in state. 

While agreeing to the clarion call of Khandu for development of positive work culture amongst members of ‘Team Arunachal’, he further appealed to all panchayat leaders, councilors, and government officers to respond to the call of chief minister with equal enthusiasm.