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Bill to regulate private school affairs introduced in Assembly

TAP | Updated: March 6, 2017


ITANAGAR, Mar 06: Altogether five important government bills were introduced on the first day of the ten-day Budget session of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly on Monday.

Education Minister Honchun Ngandam introduced the Arunachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions (Regulatory Commission) Bill 2017 to provide for establishment of a regulatory commission and regulatory mechanism in the state for the purpose of ensuring appropriate standard of admission, teaching, examination, research and protection of interest of students in private educational institutions and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The education minister also introduced the Kameng Professional and Technical University Arunachal Pradesh Bill 2017 during the day.

The bill was introduced with a view to develop education in the field of higher education by establishing the Kameng Professional and Technical University so as to provide to the students and teachers the necessary atmosphere and facilities for promotion of innovations, leading to proper structuring of course, new method of teaching and integral development of personality for all round development of the state.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Jomde Kena introduced the Arunachal Pradesh Anatomy Bill 2017 which would provide for supply of unclaimed bodies of deceased persons or donate bodies or any parts of deceased persons to hospitals and medical institutions for the purpose of anatomical examination and dissection and other similar purposes.

Kena also introduced the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2017 to amend the Arunachal Pradesh Medical Council Act, 2004 to increase two ex-officio members and two elected members to the existing composition of members under the council.

Home Minister Kumar Waii introduced the Arunachal Pradesh Protection of Interest of Depositors (In financial establishments) Bill 2017 to protect the deposits made by the public in financial establishments and matter connected therewith and thereto.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu laid the 27th annual report of Arunachal Pradesg Public Service Commission for the year 2014-15 in the house during the day.

Labour and Employment Minister Kumar Waii laid the Arunachal Pradesh Unorganised Workers Social Security Rules 2015 and Arunachal Pradesh Unorganised Workers Social Security (First Amendment) Rules 2015 in the assembly.

Speaker T Norbu Thongdok announced the panel of chairmen to run the business of the house in the current session. The chairmen include BJP members Tumke Bagra, Japu Deru, Tage Taki and Kento Rina.

The speaker also presented the Business Advisory Report.