April 15, 2024

CBC organises outreach

TAP | Updated: March 4, 2024

ITANGAR, Mar 04: The Central Bureau of Communication, Regional Office organized a mini Integrated Communication and Outreach Programme (ICOP) on Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) at Dera Natung Government College here on Monday.

During the inaugural function, Prasanta Das, the in-charge of Central Bureau of Communication, RO Itanagar, provided an overview of the SVEEP campaign's aims and objectives.

He emphasized the program's goal of educating and engaging youth, encouraging them to disseminate the message throughout society to increase electoral participation.

Bar Yakar, an assistant professor at Dera Natung Government College, served as a resource person, discussing the electoral process, the SVEEP's objectives, its implementation, and the participation levels following its launch.

She also shared the success story of the 2014 election and outlined future plans.

Dr MQ Khan, the principal of DNGC, emphasized the values of the election process and the role of the voter. He highlighted the importance of spreading the message of the SVEEP campaign.

The event concluded with a quiz competition focused on the SVEEP campaign and general elections.