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Khandu, Gao hails PM, Shah

TAP | Updated: March 11, 2017

ITANAGAR, Mar 11: Chief Minister Pema Khandu has congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah on the landslide victory of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and spectacular performance in Manipur and Goa Assembly elections.

He also congratulated all the Karyakarthas of the BJP on this historic victory, reports CMMC.

 In his congratulatory letter Khandu said that the common people are reciprocating to the good governance and people friendly programmes initiated by the BJP government in the centre under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The clear mandate in these States proves that the people of this great country have great faith and aspirations from your dynamic leadership” Khandu wrote.

 The chief minister appreciated the vision and actions of Prime Minister and BJP Government in last three years which changed the face of the country.

“PM’s farsighted vision, plan and policies which benefitted millions of citizens across the country has been well accepted by the common people who through their votes chose BJP to govern these states” Khandu said. 

 Khandu further lauded the efforts put in by Party President Amit Shah under whose guidance and strategies the BJP could achieve this great milestone. He enthused hope that with BJP, these states would see the light of development, good governance and people centric programmes that would benefit every household, every citizen and inclusive growth, true to the clarion call of sabka saath, sabka vikas by the prime minister, the report added.

Meanwhile, the state BJP led by its president Tapir Gao and chief minister Pema Khandu celebrated the electoral victories of BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand at the party’s state office here.

Speaking on the occasion, Gao congratulated Prime Minister Modi and national president Amit Shah for the electoral victories.

He attributed the election victories to good governance and policies of Modi Government and asserted that it is a clear reflection of Prime Minister Modi’s pro-poor policies and anti-corruption measures including demonetization and zero tolerance to terrorism.

He added that the only message coming out from Saturday’s election results is ‘It is development alone that wins!’

Khandu who was jubilant with the electoral victories of BJP expressed that the country have got a strong prime minister after a long time.

His policies have indeed positively impacted crores of people across India and in the states that went to poll. The election results are vindication of this fact, said the chief minister.

Khandu further added that people across the country has appreciated the demonetisation policy of Modi despite the fact that they had to face great deal of difficulties in the beginning.

“Despite of the heavy propaganda by the opposition on demonetization and its harm to poor, the poor have strikingly embraced demonetization and shown that people of India resoundingly welcome anti-corruption measures by an honest government,” asserted Khandu.           

In the same vein, the chief minister added, “In Arunachal Pradesh also ‘Team Arunachal’ should keep the same zeal and spirit and bring to fruition the ‘Sabke Saath, Sabka Vikas’ slogan following the principle of Sarvodaya and Antyodaya of the party.”

Khandu further opined that the budget presented by deputy chief minister Chowna Mein who also holds the finance portfolio is the first step in this direction.

Among others, deputy chief minister Chowna Mein, power minister Tamiyo Taga, education minister Honchun Ngandam, PHED minister Bamang Felix, veterinary and dairy development minister Dr Mohesh Chai, BJP legislators, senior leaders, state office bearers and morcha heads participated in the celebration.