April 15, 2024

Library utilisation event held

TAP | Updated: March 4, 2024

NAMSAI, Mar 04: The fortnight-long mass awareness programme on library utilization concluded at the District Library here on Monday.

The event saw the participation of Padmashri awardee Satyanaranan Mundayoor, Namsai deputy commissioner CR Khampa, and 132 students from eight educational institutions across the district.

The highlight of the day was the inauguration of a new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) smart bookshelf by the deputy commissioner, aimed at streamlining the borrowing process of books.

Khampa encouraged students to make use of the automated library facilities to broaden their knowledge and skills for future challenges.

Librarian S Mukherjee highlighted the goal of the mass awareness programme to foster a reading culture among students from an early age.

The programme drew over 1890 participants, including students, teachers, and community members, especially from remote areas, who acquainted themselves with the library's services, vision, and future scope.

The event included daily sessions with resource persons from education, bureaucracy, and community development, who motivated the students with their insights.

Namsai district planning officer Dr Keshab Sharma emphasized the importance of physical books and the role libraries play in civil society, cautioning against excessive reliance on digital devices.

Mundayoor praised the district library's efforts to bridge the gap between the community and library services, drawing inspiration from Swami Vivekananda's legacy and sharing tips on enhancing reading efficiency. The program also featured engaging activities led by volunteers from Bamboosa Library in Tezu.

Various literary competitions such as essay writing, debates, extempore speeches, and drawing contests were organized across educational institutions, with around 2500 students participating. This marks a significant step towards enriching the literary landscape of Namsai district.