April 15, 2024

Lohit celebrates 100% JJM

TAP | Updated: February 22, 2024


TEZU, Feb 22: The Lohit district celebrated the 100% Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) saturation under JJM, organized by the district water and sanitation mission of the PHED department here on Thursday.

District Assistant Commissioner, Kamaleshwar Rao congratulated the PHED department for implementing the programme successfully despite having difficult terrains in Arunachal in general and Lohit district in particular.

He said that as the climate is changing, the problem of water scarcity will increase which programmes like JJM may not be able to meet, therefore we must start making efforts to efficiently and sustainably use the water resources.

ZPM Balong Tindiya told the participants that only depending on the department will not make any scheme successful; there is a need for all stakeholders to participate enthusiastically to make any government scheme a successful one.

Meanwhile, EE-PHED Hage Mobing presented a powerpoint on various activities, efforts, and achievements of the department related to JJM; he highlighted the CAP Catchment Area Protection Act 2023 and Operation – maintenance of In Village policy of rural and urban water supply approved by the state government.

During the programme, awards were also presented under various categories like Best Performing VWSC, Best Performing FTK handling women group (field testing kit), Best Performing field staff, Best Performing ISA Implementation support agency, for drawing and essay competition conducted on February 8. Also, a signature campaign on protection of drinking water and catchment area was organized during the programme.

All members of the District Water and Sanitation mission, ZPM of Tezu and Sunpura, Gram Chairpersons of Tezu, Sunpura, and Wakro, village water and sanitation chairpersons, ISAs of Tezu and Sunpura, and other stakeholders attended the programme.