April 24, 2024

Always been a “High time” situation 

TAP | Updated: September 26, 2018

It has always been “high time” for expediting pending national high  way projects in the state.  Yet, the time has not come to inaugurate completion of any of those ongoing projects. The trans-Arunachal projects along with other state road construction projects need to be taken up on priority basis. 
Union Road, Transport & Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari who had recently reviewed the state’s national highway (NH) projects has rightly pointed out that the projects need to be expedited. Most of the road projects take a back seat in the state due to discrepancies and high rates in compensation. The minister had also in same lines asked the state government to expedite the land acquisition, forest clearance, and other issues related to the projects.
Gadkari had categorically pointed out that the execution of projects in the state gets delayed due “…state’s own problems with regard to land acquisitions, forest clearanceand other issues, causing huge loss and embarrassment to the ministry.”
It is indeed embarrassing to see the state act as a begging bowl for funds despite claiming to have achieved increase in revenue. The other stakeholders should also commit to state’s development and avoid seeking high compensation amounts for development projects. 
If the state provides good records of the projects implemented and executed in the state, the Centre would shift its focus to the state and aid with funds in the future.  But the state have not been able to build that rapport with the centre when it comes to National Highway projects.  The infamous Hoj-Potin TAH is a glaring example for gross anomalies in the execution of the projects in state.  Even the four-lane along the NH 415  which started way back in 2016 is yet to get completed.
The union minister has finely touched upon the loopholes in the execution of the projects in the state. As is the case, there should be a provision for constituting steering committee to review the works. This will not only look into the execution of the works but also assure quality work. For how long can a state survive on low good road density!