March 2, 2024

China defends Pakistan on terrorism ahead of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit

TAP | Updated: June 5, 2017

BEIJING, Jun 5: China on Monday defended its all-weather ally Pakistan on the issue of terrorism ahead of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit, saying tackling the threat posed by terrorism was not something that “one country” alone can successfully do.
China’s Assistant Foreign Minister Li Huilai, during a media briefing, sidestepped a question on Afghanistan blaming Pakistan’s intelligence agency for the recent bomb attacks in Kabul, saying China condemned the recent terrorist assaults in Afghanistan, Britain and the Philippines. “China strongly condemns these violent terrorist incidents and in fact we oppose all forms of terrorism,” he said.
“At present the international community in terms of opposing terrorism has broad consensus, and all parties emphasise that tackling the threat posed by terrorism is not something that one party or one country alone can successfully do,” Li said, without naming Pakistan. “The international community should step up cooperation and work together to jointly tackle terrorism and China stands willing to work together with other parties, bilaterally and multilaterally to step up cooperation and take all necessary measures to jointly protect respective countries and regional security and development,” he said.
His remarks come just days ahead of the summit of the SCO, which is considering a treaty on terrorism. The highlight of the SCO summit in Astana this week is the admission of India and Pakistan as new members of the organisation. The SCO comprised of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan acts as China-dominated security group focusing on Central Asia. Afghanistan is an observer state in the SCO. Agenceis