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TAP | Updated: December 8, 2017

Mumbai, Dec 08: His latest “Padmavati” might be mired in controversies and still awaiting a release date, but actor Shahid Kapoor said creative people should not be scared as art does not come from a space of fear.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmavati” has been caught in controversies over its release with several outfits alleging that history has been “distorted” in the movie.
Both, Bhansali and Deepika have received death threats for being a part of the film.
Asked if he would feel scared in the future to take up another period film,
Shahid told reporters, “‘Udta Punjab’ was not a period film, there was so much controversy around it. I don’t think scared is the right word. I don’t think creative people should be scared, because you can’t create if you are constricted. You can’t create unless you feel liberated and open, and I think art is a reflection of society at large.”
“It is important to express yourself with a certain sense of freedom, specially in a democracy. Everybody is concerned, the whole fraternity has expressed a lot of concern because there is enough that you deal with when your film is coming out, there are issues like piracy and there are a lot of other issues, larger issues that one is dealing with,” he added.
Various Rajput groups and political leaders have accused Bhansali of distorting history by filming a romantic dream sequence between Rajput queen Padmini and Sultan Alauddin Khilji, a claim repeatedly denied by the filmmaker.
Historians are divided on whether Padmavati actually existed.
The actor said he is grateful to everyone who came out in support of the film.
“I am very thankful to everybody who has spoken for ‘Padmavati’... Sometimes there has been anger, sometimes people have been emotional, sometimes they have been very logical in breaking it down, but there are a lot of people from the fraternity who have come out and spoken for the film,” he said.
“... I don’t think you can make a film like Padmavati, unless you give a part of your heart and soul to the film,” he added.
“Padmavati” was earlier scheduled to release on December 1. The makers deferred the release till they receive a certificate from the CBFC.
When asked about the release date, Shahid said he does not know it yet but insisted a lot is on stake.
“When a film releases, it is a very vulnerable product, we don’t like to hold on to a ready film for too long because piracy can happen, something can get leaked, and you’re really trying to keep that together. So of course everybody is very concerned about it, and so am I.”
He was speaking at Reebok’s Fit to fight awards, last night. PTI