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Mira Rajput: Shahid Kapoor and I make sure our daughter has her own space

TAP | Updated: June 30, 2017

Mumbai, Jun 30: Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput said she and the actor are making sure their daughter has her own space amid all the fanfare surrounding her famous parents. Shahid and Mira married at a private ceremony in Gurgaon in 2015. The couple welcomed their daughter, Misha, in August last year.
“(We will) make sure Misha has her own space and not feel the pressure of being in a certain way because there are people around her (referring to fans),” Mira said. “I think she is growing to see her father work so hard. She will have to respect that and figure out how she is going to manoeuvre her way through that, and I will help her with that,” she said.
Mira said childhood is an experience that all children should be allowed to go through the way they want. “They should stay happy, they should have the freedom to do what they want. They should not feel that someone is getting into their space,” Mira said on the sidelines of the launch of noted nutritionist Pooja Makhija’s book, ‘Eat Delete Junior’.
She said Shahid has been showering all the love on their daughter and is even spoiling her. “He loves her so much, I can’t explain it in words. Misha knows this as well and she uses that to her advantage.”
Mira said she is extremely happy and also surprised to see a different side of Shahid as a doting father. “He (Shahid) has it in him to be very loving and caring and the love that you have for your children is different. Seeing the fatherly love was surprising for me.”
New mothers often complain of sleepless nights but Mira said she set a timetable for their daughter so that both she and Shahid could relax as well. “I had started with a sleep schedule for Misha much earlier. Both Shahid and I decided that we are going to put Misha to sleep early, so that we get time to be on our own. I did not face any sleepless nights,” she said.
Mira said she got a lot of help from family members during pregnancy and even after the birth of her daughter. “I had a great support system from my family. My mother, sister all of them have gone through motherhood and faced its challenges. There was nothing better than getting the tried and tested advice,” she said. PTI