May 23, 2024

Scott Weiland’s death scared me: Scott Stapp

TAP | Updated: March 11, 2017

London, Mar 11: The death of tragic rocker Scott Weiland prompted former “Creed” star Scott Stapp to get serious about sobriety. 
Stapp, who has replaced the late star in “Art of Anarchy”, says the former Stone Temple Pilots singer’s tour bus death in December, 2015 scared him straight.
“Scott Weiland’s life affected me outside his involvement with Art of Anarchy,” the singer tells Music Radar. 
“His life was a reminder to me of where my life was headed if I continued to use alcohol and drugs. 
“Having that reminder that he used to sing in this band was almost like him speaking to me from the grave, saying, ‘Brother, you need to stay on the straight and narrow or this is what could happen to you.’ That’s really impacted me in my desire and drive to stay sober one day at a time.”
Weiland died on his tour bus after an accidental drug overdose. Like his Art of Anarchy predecessor, Stapp has been battling substance abuse issues for years. PTI