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Maharashtra govt to come up with guidelines on patients from abroad after controversial Eman Ahmed case

TAP | Updated: May 6, 2017

Mumbai, May 06: After the controversy over the treatment of Egypt’s Eman Ahmed, called the world’s heaviest woman, the Maharashtra government has decided to come up with guidelines to deal with patients from abroad.
“The way Eman lost weight after surgery is a proud moment for all of us. This is definitely the finest example to boost medical tourism in the state. But we have learnt many things in this case.
“I feel the need of having a standard operating procedure (SOP) which would help prevent things turn negative,” Health Minister Deepak Sawant said.
The minister yesterday instructed officials to prepare a note in this regard so that it could be issued to all hospitals.
The SOP will largely deal with precautions and guidelines to be followed in preparation of documents, sharing of information with patient’s relatives as well as embassy of the patient’s country.
The hospitals will be guided on process of discharge, process of shifting patients to another country for treatment and medical instructions that need to be shared with patient and relatives, Sawant said.
Eman weighed 498 kg when she was brought to India on February 11 for weight-loss surgery by the doctors of Saifee hospital here. During her treatment in the last few weeks, her sister Shaimaa Selim accused Saifee Hospital and Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, the bariatric surgeon heading the team that treated Eman, of negligence in medical care.
Eman was shifted to an Abu Dhabi hospital on Thursday. Shaimaa had also taken up the issue with the Egyptian embassy.
On the day of discharge, Saifee hospital said Eman weighed 170 kg. PTI