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TAP | Updated: April 12, 2017

Los Angeles, Apr 12: Who needs the “Help Wanted” pages when you’re a mega-famous celebrity spawn with 6.3 million Twitter followers?
Jaden Smith, the 18-year-old eldest child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has turned to the web to recruit the next CEO of his MSFTSrep clothing line specifically, someone to assist him with the “business aspect” of the two-year-old clothing collection, which sells hoodies, sweats, jackets, tees and hats priced   from $35-$150.
In case you’re unfamiliar with MSFTSrep, it’s not just a clothing line (is anything “just a clothing line” these days?) but a collective founded by Smith and his younger, equally philosophical sister, Willow, former child star turned photographer Moises Arias, musician Daniel D’Artiste and more Gen Z creative types. 
MSFTSrep (short for “MSFTS Republic”) includes a zine, a “mystery school” and a video series as well as photo blogs. According to Smith, a MSFT (pronounced “misfit”) is someone who doesn’t “conform to society” and is a “divergent thinker.” 
Confused? Good, you’re supposed to be. The opening lines in the first issue of the collective’s zine (title: The Subsequent Thoughts of Contemporary Machu Pichu [sic]) reads, “We hope that it thoroughly confuses and educates you on the non-existing culture of the republic.” 
Though he needs a bit of “business” help, it appears that Smith has the creative direction handled. 
The musician/model/actor/philosopher does, after all, have quite a bit of experience in the fashion realm. He has attended several prestigious industry events, including last year’s Met Gala, and recently appeared in a campaign for Louis Vuitton, where he modeled the label’s womenswear collection. 
That gender-bending ad was not the first time Smith has pushed the sartorial boundaries. In 2015, he made a splash by wearing a dress at Coachella, and followed up the look by wearing a skirt in a spread for Vogue Korea.  
“I feel like people are kind of confused about gender norms,” Smith told British GQ in 2016. “I feel like people don’t really get it. I’m not saying that I get it, I’m                  just saying that I’ve never seen any distinction.”
We hope that Smith finds a business partner who, you know, gets it. PTI