July 21, 2018

Flood, landslides batter Mon district

TAP | Updated: August 9, 2017

DIMAPUR, AUG 08: Incessant rains that lashed Tizit and other areas under Mon district since the night of August 6 till early morning of August 7, has caused the nearby river to overflow and flood in Tizit. The torrential rains have also triggered landslides in several areas under Mon district.In Tizit, heavy rains caused the nearby river to rise alarmingly and flood various places besides cutting of the only road link between Mon and Namtola. The worst affected areas include forest colony, Namsa and Lapa Lampong village. According to District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), about 80 metres of Mon-Namtola road, the lifeline of the district, was submerged under flood water making it impossible for vehicles to ply, particularly near forest colony, Tizit Town (Namsa). 
Holy Trinity School was also partially submerged under flood water. According to reports, the students staying in the hostel attached to the school had to be evacuated. A hanging bridge over Tizit River was also reported to have been washed away by the flood waters.
A detailed report of properties destroyed could not be ascertained but paddy fields and farm houses located near the river were either completely submerged or washed away.In Lapa Lampong village, about 10 houses were reportedly damaged by the flood. So, far till the time of filing this report, there has been no information about any loss of life or of livestock from the affected area. 
The situation was likely to worsen if there is more heavy rain.Meanwhile, numerous landslides at various locations around the Mon district headquarters were reported. According to official report, in Tizit circle, there were landslides between Longting and Shangsa village, between Tizit and Shangsa village, along Tela village road and Mon–Namtola road, near Holy Trinity School. Under Mon Sadar, there was a landslide between L/Sheanghah and Phuktong Village. In Shangnyu circle, there were landslides between L/Sheanghah and Shangnyu EAC Circle and Shangnyu and Nyasa Village. 
Along Mon-Tobu road, there was report of landslide between Ukha village and Jakphang village.Parliamentary secretary for transport and civil aviation, Paiwang Konyak, MLA, representing 41 Tizit assembly constituency, on Monday took to twitter to appeal people to “join in struggle with the Tizit public to overcome the floods...’ He also pleaded “God save my people from floods”.Konyak further tweeted “no matter what comes to Tizit let us embrace with courage and work together to make Tizit as the biggest hub in the state.”State nodal officer (DISP) & deputy director H&FW, Dr. Nyanthung Kikon on Monday confirmed that outbreak at Wanching and other villages under Mon district was Acute Gastro Enteritis (AGE). He said till Monday, 316 cases of AGE were reported out of which 30 patients were admitted and three deaths due to the infection. Dr. Kikon said seven medical team including quick reaction team and rapid response team along with mobile medical team rushed to the affected area to contain the outbreak. 
In addition, he said a medical team comprising of medical officer, nurses and staff have been deployed in all the affected villages.According to health officials, such outbreak was seasonal in nature. Therefore, the public have been advised to take preventive measures. Meanwhile, Dr. Kikon informed that control centres have been setup in state and district headquarters to monitor such activities of outbreak. NPN