May 23, 2024

Barak Bridge breaks down, TDC blames BRO

TAP | Updated: March 4, 2017

IMPHAL, Mar 04: The Barak Bridge of Imphal-Jiribam highway has broken down again on account of which a large number of loaded vehicles heading for Imphal have been stranded.
Speaking to media persons here today, Trans- porters and Drivers Council (TDC) president H Ranjit blamed BRO and GRSE company which constructed Barak Bridge for its frequent break down.
It would not be correct for the State Government and the Government of India to turn a blind eye to the pathetic conditions of Imphal-Jiribam highway and shaky conditions of its bridges.
The Barak Bridge broke down every now and then because BRO was given complete freedom while the bridge was constructed and they used sub-standard construction materials, Ranjit alleged. BRO used wooden runners for 200 metres long Makru Bridge while steel plates without wheel guards were used on 300 metres long Barak Bridge.
It was written in GRSE’s manual that Barak Bridge would be fit for vehicles weighing 40 tonnes if it is reinforced and wooden sections are added. But the same company in cahoot with the BRO violated their own manual apart from using sub-standard construction materials. The Barak Bridge was faulty from the very beginning, Ranjit alleged.
The order issued by Transport Department in collusion with BRO which stated that only vehicles not weighing 24 tonnes should move over Barak Bridge after constructing the bridge in faulty manner was unacceptable. The practice of collecting money from transporters when Barak Bridge suffers damages should also be stopped immediately.