June 18, 2018

Ex-CIA officer arrested for  possession of classified documents

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-17
Washington, Jan 17: A former CIA officer has been arrested on charges of unlawful retention of national defence information following an intensive investigation after a number of US informants were identified by China. Jerry Chun Shing Lee, aka Zhen Cheng Li, 53, was arrested on Monday

Muhajirs in US launch ‘Free Karachi’ campaign

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-16
Washington, Jan 16: A group of Muhajirs in the US have launched a ‘Free Karachi’ campaign to highlight the alleged state-sponsored atrocities against their community in the port city of Pakistan. Led by a mini-truck, about half a dozen cabs displaying #FreeKarachi banners yesterday took part in

US Special counsel may question Donald Trump on Russia probe

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-09
Washington, Jan 09: US Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team wants to question President Donald Trump as part of the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, media reports said on Tuesday. Mueller is trying to determine if Trump’s campaign advisers colluded

US House Foreign Affairs Committee  Chairman Ed Royce announces retirement

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-09
Washington, Jan 09: Ed Royce, the veteran US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman and a friend of India, said on Tuesday he will not seek re-election, becoming the eighth Republican Chairman who has chosen to retire before midterm poll. Royce, 66, one of the founders of

No way back for Steve Bannon: White House

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-09
Washington, Jan 09: The White House Tuesday said there was “no way back” for Steve Bannon, a day after the former chief strategist apologised for his comments on US President Donald Trump and the First Family. “I don’t believe there’s any way back for

Donald Trump postpones ‘fake news awards’, will present on January 17

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-08
Washington , Jan 08: US President Donald Trump today postponed the announcement until January 17 of his much-talked-about ‘fake news awards’ to the “most corrupt and biased” American mainstream media for its “dishonesty and bad reporting”. Trump, 71, has been at loggerheads with several

No one in White House questions Donald Trump’s mental stability: Nikki Haley

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-08
Washington , Jan 08: No one in the White House questions the mental stability of Donald Trump, US’ top envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has said in response to an allegation against the American President in a controversial book. Indian-American Haley, the first-ever Cabinet-ranking official in any presidential

Syrian forces eye rebel-held province after defeat of Islamic State

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-07
Beirut, Jan 07: Syrian government forces and allied militiamen are advancing on the largest remaining rebel-held territory in the country’s north, forcing thousands of civilians to flee toward the border with Turkey in freezing winter temperatures. The offensive on Idlib — a large province in northwestern Syria

Donald Trump battles fire with fury: Excerpts from book that threaten to end his presidency

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-07
New Delhi, Jan 04: When American journalist Michael Wolff’s book released on Friday, days ahead of its schedule, it became an instant bestseller. The book offers explosive commentary on US President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the first year of his administration. Reportedly based on more

Malaysia’s opposition alliance names 92-year old Mahathir as PM candidate

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-07
Kuala Lumpur, Jan 07: Malaysia’s opposition alliance named former premier Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday as its prime ministerial candidate for a general election this year, although the authoritarian who ran the country for two decades and is now 92 years old faces an uphill task. With the

Counter-protests in Iran: Pro-government  rallies held, cleric urges punishment for leaders

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-06
Ankara, Jan 06: Tens of thousands of government supporters rallied across Iran on Friday, swearing allegiance to the clerical establishment and accusing arch-enemy the United States of instigating the biggest anti-government protests for nearly a decade, state TV reported. Tehran’s Friday prayer leader called on authorities to

US weighs Pakistani blowback  as it piles pressure on Islamabad

TAP | Updated: 2018-01-06
 Washington, Jan 06: The United States is examining ways to mitigate any Pakistani retaliation as it piles pressure on Islamabad to crack down on militants, a senior US official said on Friday, cautioning that US action could extend beyond a new freeze in aid. Pakistan is a
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