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BJP has no plan to ban beef: Khandu in Meghalaya

TAP | Updated: June 15, 2017

SHILLONG, Jun 15: Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Thursday attended the Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas Sammelan for 37-Kharkutta assembly constituency in Meghalaya as the chief guest. The vent to mark the completion of three years of the Narendra Modi government was organised by the Indian Oil Corporation at Kharkutta’s Chibongga ME School playground.

Speaking at the sammelan, the chief minister said the PM’s special focus on the region is visible from his statement that “India will develop only when the north eastern states are developed”, a CMO report said.

“Since independence, the north eastern states have always relied on Congress but in return we have only got unemployment and poverty. Now, the scenario has changed and in the last three years, the region has seen tremendous change in all BJP-ruled states,” he said.

Also, he added, the country didn’t develop as per its potential under the Congress government in the last 70 years. “Country had then gone with the wrong hand. But everything changed in 2014 when the whole nation united to vote for Modi.”

Asserting Modi has proved himself in three years, Khandu said: “Demonetisation was the bravest thing he could do to fight against the black money.”

The chief minister appealed to the people of Kharkutta constituency to stand with BJP if they want change. “If you want change, change the government first,” he said and added that Congress has ruled enough in the state, where the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer.

Criticising the Congress for its family-based high command structure, Khandu said: “For BJP, nation comes first, party second and individual last, but in Congress it is quite the opposite.”

He pointed to the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge as one of the examples of big changes taking place in the region under Modi. The work on the bridge was going on at a snail’s pace during the Congress rule, he said.

Things have been changing because chief ministers and ministers have to work like bureaucrats under the BJP government, the chief minister said. “Every two months, we have to submit our work report and the status of all central flagships programmes. These work culture is good because we are here to work and we must.”

People in Arunachal have started appreciating the performance of the government because of such changed work culture, he said.

He also underlined the way the Centre deals with the North East now. “Earlier, CMs had to repeatedly visit Delhi for every minor work. But now, the Central ministers are visiting the region every 15 days with a mandatory night stay.”

Khandu said corruption is not tolerated in the BJP and politicians indulging in corruption are strictly dealt with. “For Modi, citizen’s welfare is his priority without being they looked through the lens of party or religion. It is after 70 years, we have got the right person to lead the country and we all must stand behind him.”

He said the Congress today is unable to find fault with BJP, so it has come with a political conspiracy to paint BJP as anti-Christian and a party bent upon beef ban.

“Many BJP MLAs and frontrunner of the party in Arunachal belong from Christian community. And nowhere the government has mentioned beef ban; it is the Supreme Court judgment that regulate slaughterhouses,” said Khandu.

BJP MLA from Assam’s Dudhnoi Dipok Rabha, Megahalaya state BJP president Khlur Sing Lyngdoh, BJP aspirant from Kharkutta Synal M Sangma and others also spoke on the occasion, the report added.